Original Water color of Bass Pond by MDR 2006 Bass Pond Club, Inc. Original Water color of Bass Pond by MDR 2006
Bass Pond Club, A Family Friendly Oasis in the Heart of Springfield, 1430 Parker St., Springfield, MA 01108, 413-782-5173


Bass Pond Club, Inc.
A Family Friendly Oasis In The Heart Of Springfield

The Bass Pond club, Inc., is a private, nonprofit swim club in Springfield, MA. It was founded in 1957 by 200 families who joined together to purchase a lovely property on the shore of Bass Pond. The pond club is member owned and operated.

Please do not put any wooden chairs in the water. They will rot.

Guest passes are now required. Please get yours from the lifeguards.

Notice to all members: The goose deterrents are to be left on the docks until the lifeguards come on duty. Only the lifeguards should be touching them. If people continue to ignore this rule (which has been posted for 3 years) then we will keep the gate closed until the guards come in.

Annual picnic is August 16th. Check the pond for sign up sheets

Users of our paddle-boats must abide by our rules for other boats: kayaks, canoes, etc. At least 1 person must be 13 years old or older & all must wear PFDs.Also there is no fishing allowed from the paddle-boats.

Lifeguard hours are 10am- dusk starting June 20th

Remember- volunteerism is part of membership. As co-owners of the property everyone is expected to help out. The only ones who get paid are the lifeguards.

Swim lessons are August 4-15. Times TBA

All fishing is Catch & Release Only and No Barbed Hooks are allowed.
Non-swimmers need to be accompanied by an adult.
Please check our events calendar for any changes in dates of events.

Bass Pond Club, Inc. • 413-782-5173
A Family Friendly Oasis in the Heart of Springfield